*She Shops* Edun Sample Sale

Fashion label Edun was founded in 2005 and its mission is to source and encourage trade in Africa. The brand is known for sleek silhouettes, handmade details, and urban designs. For the past few years, Edun has had bi-annual sample sales, but this was the first one I attended.

There was a line in the lobby before 9. The elevator wouldn't go to the third floor.  Once the clock hit 9, the third floor button was magically working. Upon entering the showroom there is a table of footwear for $75. The table next to it has EDUN print tees for $10 and knits for $30. There are two $5 bins with scarves and miscellaneous items. 

Racks of apparel take up the rest of the space. Pricing is so good and is reminiscent of the Mayiet sample sale. Sample dresses and jumpsuits are $75. Sample tops are $40, sample shorts, skirts, and pants are $50. Sample coats are $90. Bags are $50. Stock with white tags are 90% off retail and stock with black tags are $25! Included in the $25 category are leather jackets that retail for $900 and blazers that retail for $600!

Amongst the racks I spotted black dresses, summer white; knits, pants, rompers, and tops, denim skirts, culottes, and leather pieces. The sale was getting busier and more crowded as the morning went on. I was told all samples are out, but they have back stock on some stock. Shop a true sample sale and do a good deed while you're at it because 20% of all profits will be donated to the St. Anne's Ophanage in Kenya.

What did you come out with at this amazing sample sale?!

107 Grand Street- 3rd Floor
Wednesday, May 17th 9am-7pm
Thursday, May 18th 9am-7pm

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*She Shops* Loeffler Randall Sample Sale

Loeffler Randall is a favorite among hip trendsetters. I was excited for their annual sample sale but alas I was very disappointed with the price points.

Older season flats are $100. This year's styles are $125/$150. Heels and boots are $175/$200. Current season footwear include the Emmi, Clem, Finley, Layla, Suze, Kiki, Rubie, Callie, Logan, Luz, and the Nicollete. Some styles looked familiar from previous years. Sizes start at 5 and go up to 12. Not all styles are available in all sizes.

If you see a style you like but it is not your size, ask a friendly staff member and they will be happy to check the back stock for you. I was told they will be restocking from their back stock but they don't expect a new shipment until Saturday. 

Accessories are lined up in middle of the venue on tables. Pouches are $75 and cross bodies and clutches are $125. Handbags come in all shapes and sizes. From their classic rider bags to their current season purses. Lots of trendy options like the paint splattered pouch, the floral cross-body, and the pom pom clutch.

I was told there would be no discounts but at all previous sample sales there were some markdowns on specific items as the sale progressed.

434 Broadway
Thursday, May 11th, 9am-8pm
Friday, May 12th, 9am-8pm
Saturday, May 13th, 12am-6pm                

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*She Shops* Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale

The bi-annual Rebecca Minkoff sample sale is back this week. Starting today you can get "Downtown Romantic" handbags, accessories, rtw, and footwear at up to 75% off.

The hottest items at this sale are the samples. Tables in the back, behind the stairs, are lined with sample handbags. Red tie zips are $75, blue tie zips are $50, and purple zip ties are $15. The only purple zip tie I saw was a belt. As the week goes by sample pricing drops. I recommend to wait. Last sale samples went down to $10/$35/$50. Sample shoes are $40 but I did not see any. There is one rack of sample rtw. Sample apparel blue zip tie is $15 and purple zip tie is $30.

Handbags come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Minimalistic and embellished. One for every season and occasion. Price depends on original retail. Small leather goods range from $25-$75 and handbags are $55-$200. Although these price points are lower than previous opening days, I'm expecting more markdowns as the week goes on.

Accessories in buckets are on tables near the stairs and register. I thought I misread the guitar strap price but they are $55 not a sample sale price when they retail at $75/$95. Other accessories include pouches, wallets, belts ($15), letter fur pom pom, tech cases, and more.

RTW lines the left wall. T-shirts are $25 and jeans are $60. Tops, shorts, and skirts are $75. Jackets are $125. Dresses are $50/$100/$125. Leather and suede items are $250. I was told there will be another shipment of clothing tomorrow so categories will be restocked.

There is a large selection of footwear to choose from. Some styles are from previous years. I saw a flat that I purchased 3 years ago! Boots and heels are $75. Sneakers, flats, and sandals are $50.

There are men's items available as well from the Ben Minkoff line. All men's shoes are $75. Small leather goods are $25 and toiletry accessories are $55. Medium nylon bags are $100, medium leather bags are $150, large nylon bags are $200, and large leather bags are $250.

If you put your name on their e-mail list at the register you can win a Vanity Saddle Bag.

If you are not looking for a specific style wait for markdowns! Especially the last day when they practically give away the merchandise!

What amazing deals have you scored at this Rebecca Minkoff sample sale?


260 Fifth Avenue
Monday, May 8th, 11am-8pm
Tuesday, May 9th, 10am-8pm
Wednesday, May 10th, 10am-8pm
Thursday, May 11th, 10am-8pm
Friday, May 12th 10am-8pm
Saturday, May 13th, 10am-7pm                                                                                                                                               Sunday, May 14th, 11am-4pm

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*She Shops* Nest Fragrance and Swell Bottle Sample Sale

The sale was empty earlier this afternoon. I assume the flood like weather had something to do with it. The Nest Fragrance selection has depleted significantly since the first day. Lots of items are sold out. There are no more classic sized candles. Scents available in other size candles include Sicilian Tangerine, Moss and Mint, Grapefruit, Birchwood Pine, Woodland Truffle, and Hearth. 

There are also Art by Nest and Tommy Bahama candles for $5. The  remaining candle sets are the Calvin Klein for $20. Moss and Mint body and soul sprays are $5. The only reed diffusers left are Wasabi Pear and Sahara Spice ($7.50). 

At the body table there are sample sized gift sets ($5,$10, $20) and Passiflora 50 ml perfume ($15). Liquid soap, hand lotion, roller balls, and body creams are all gone.

I was disappointed with the limited selection and asked a staff member about restocking. He told me there would be no restocking at this sale, but next week 260 sample sale is having new and more products from Nest at one of their other venues on Wooster Street, so look out for that email!

Swell bottles are still in abundant in all colors and prints. Lots of fun options for the summer and other dark solid colors for next winter. At $10 a bottle you should get one for every season! 


260 Fifth Avenue
Friday, May 6th,  10am-8pm
Saturday, May 7th, 10am-5pm

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*She Shops* Furla Sample Sale

The Italian luxury brand Furla started their sample sale today in their showroom. I didn't realize this was such a popular sale. There was a line to get into the elevators which started in the lobby and  extended outside the building. Once you make it up to the 14th floor there is another wait to get inside the sale floor. Checkout is another wait as there are only 2 cashiers. This is not lunch break sale! 

The sale was one big mess. Handbags were suppose to be organized by sizes but were all mixed up. When I was leaving staff were trying  to reorganize the bags by color and size. Pricing is simple. Mini bags are $79. Small bags are $99, Medium bags are $129, and large bags are $149. There are so many styles to choose from and colors for every season.

There was a satisfactory selection of accessories. Belts, key rings, and all jewelry besides necklaces are $10. Necklaces and scarves are $20. Card cases are $29. Cosmetic cases $39. Small and Medium wallets are $49 and large wallets are $69.

The shoe section looked like a war zone. Shoe boxes were thrown on the floor, paper and stuffing strewn about. Shoes are not divided by sizing so that adds to the chaos. All shoes regardless of style are $75. I spotted bejeweled flats, booties, and heels.

I asked staff about restocking and was told everything is out. As I was leaving I saw staff replenishing the handbags so I assume they do have more. You'll probably spend more time waiting than browsing at this sale. But I did overhear one shopper say "They have a better selection this year than last year." 

432 Park Avenue South, 14th Floor
Wednesday, April 26th, 8:30am-7pm
Thursday, April 27th, 8:30am-3pm

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*She Shops* Lanvin Private Sale

Sample sale season is heating up. This week there are over 30 happening in New York. Karen Millen's first NY sample sale started today. But there's more exciting news. Lanvin is holding their bi-annual private sale this week as well.

Take note this is a private sale. There is a woman with a laptop and she will ask you for your name and who invited you.

The space is a Lanvin wonderland. I was told they have a total of 7,000 pieces! The aisles are narrow and the walls are overstuffed. You will be bumping into shoppers and shoes.

Everything at this sale is 80% off. Shoes are available in sizes 35-41 and snake around the venue on the floor. Footwear includes their classic ballerina flats, sneakers, sandals and heels. Handbags and clutches are on a shelving across from the entrance. Styles include; Sugar wallet on a chain, Sugar cosmetic bag, medium Sugar bag, small shopper bag, Juji chain and clutches. Small selection of overstated jewelry is laid out on a table, including belt ropes. Another table has other accessories like hats and scarves.

RTW takes up the remainder of the floor. Menswear is also available as well as a small selection of children's wear.

37 W. 57th St Suite 900
Monday, April 24th, 9am-7pm
Tuesday, April 25th, 9am-7pm
Wednesday, April 26th, 9am-7pm
Thursday, April 27th, 9am-7pm

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*She Shops* Parker Sample Sale

Parker was founded in NYC and created for the city girl who is fearless, sexy, and confident. This week you can get some of the Parker style at a discount at their sample sale. The sale was suppose to end today but it has been extended through Thursday. With the extension comes markdowns. See the full price list in the gallery below. 

Everything is out on the floor. There is no back stock. Embellished dresses ($112.50) from the Black Parker line are on a rack to your left right when you come in. Further in gowns ($135) line the left wall. Majority of the sale are dresses ($67.50) for any event be it low key or black tie.

Summery shorts ($52.50) and loose flowy blouses ($45) are also available. Lots of tops have the off the shoulder cut out that is very in this spring/summer. Towards the back of the venue, across from the fitting room there are 2 racks of samples. The samples are true samples in sizing.

150 Greene Street
Sunday, April 9th, 10am-5pm
Monday, April 10th, 11am-7pm
Tuesday, April 11th, 11am-7pm
Wednesday, April 12th, 11am-7pm
Thursday, April 13th, 11am-7pm

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*She Shops* L. K. Bennet Sample Sale

L. K. Bennet sample sale is back this week at their usual space in their headquarters. Layout is the same as previous sample sales.

Selection of dresses is lower and pricing is higher than at previous sample sales. 1 dress is $120 or 2 for $200.  Jackets and blazers are $80 or 2 for $150, coats are $125. Trousers are $45 or 2 for $80. Skirts are $45 or 2 for $80. Tops are $40 or 2 for $70. Belts are $15 or 2 for $25 are in boxes on a table in the space between the racks. Damages are $20/$40.

Belts $15 or 2 for $25 and clutches ($50) are in boxes on a table in the space between the racks. Cross bodies are $50. There is a box of bangles near the register. Jewelery is $30 or 2 for $40. Markdowns are in effect on select items, seems like the items aren't selling well, as they are in abundance. See pictures for details.

There is a large variety of shoes to choose from. Sizes range from 35-42. Flats are $60 or 2 for $110. Heels are $90 or 2 for $160. Ankle boots are $100 or 2 for $180 and knee boots are $135. The Mable and Megan heel and the Seve Espadrille have been reduced to $60.

595 Madison Avenue 13th Floor
Thursday, April 6th, 10am-6pm
Friday, April 7th, 10am-6pm

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*She Shops* Jack Rogers Sample Sale

Spring weather has arrived! How about a pair of Jack Rogers sandals to get you ready for upcoming days of fun in the sun?

The sample sale is being held in the brand's midtown office. It was not as crowded as I thought it would be. There aren't as many styles as previous years. You won't find the newer styles from the current season that's on their website. Styles available include Watermelon, Bree, Safari Capri, Lexi, Madeline, Sparkle, Raffia, Nantucket, Fireworks, Stingray, Rory, Riley, Bijou, Willow, Fleur De Lis, and Alana. Footwear is available from size 5-11. Men's shoes are lined up on a table near a sign reminding patrons about Father's Day.

The more you buy, the more you save. One pair is $59.99. 2 are $49.99 each, and 3 or more are $39.99 each. Boots, booties, and flats are also available. The inventory includes Greer, Chandeler, Emery, Quinn, and Bree. There are also jellies for $29.99.

Adjoining the first room is where the other designers are at. Pajama tops, pants, and robes are $29.99. Pajama shorts are $19.99. All items with a red dot are $9.99. Scarves and fur accessories are $59.99 or 2 or more are $49.99 each. Footwear for sizes 5, 5.5, and 6 can be found here as well.

Staff assured me they have back stock on styles already out. The sale ends Friday and there will probably be another shipment coming in before the sale ends. If you can't make it this week their next sample sale is happening in July.

1412 Broadway Suite 1600
Monday, April 3rd, 8am-6pm
Tuesday, April 4th, 8am-6pm
Wednesday, April 5th, 8am-6pm
Thursday, April 6th, 8am-6pm
Friday, April 7th, 8am-1pm

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*She Shops* Elie Tahari Sample Sale

Elie Tahari is a favorite amongst sophisticated, high-powered professional, fashionable, women. Their sample sale is back this week at their outlet location.

The cheapest items are the books for $9. Accessories include scarves, hats, and gloves for $39, and sunglasses for $49. Knits are $19-29. Knit pants and shorts are $39. Blouses, pants, and skirts are $49. Vests and knit dresses are $59. Sweaters are $69, leather skirts are $89. Leather vests, dresses, jackets,and leather blouses are $99. Leather pants are $129, leather dresses are $149. Long gowns are $159 and coats are $199. Leather jackets are $299 and fur/shearlings are $499.

There are a few shoe racks of footwear. Flats are $79, pumps and sandals are $99, and boots are $129. There is also a small selection of menswear available at this sale. 

There will be new shipments and restocking throughout the sale. Most of the jackets are blazers. Workout apparel is also available; leggings, sportswear, and their popular t-shirts. The majority of the dresses are either fully lace or have some embellished lace detail.

I was told markdowns will happen towards the end of the sale. But how much and what categories depends on what sells the first days.


501 Fifth Avenue
Tuesday, March 28th, 8:30am-7:30pm
Wednesday, March 29th, 8:30am-7:30pm
Thursday, March 30th, 8:30am-7:30pm
Friday, March31st, 8:30am-7:30pm
Saturday, April 1st, 10am-6pm

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*She Shops* Rag and Bone Sample Sale

The March Madness Sample Sale began today in Industry City. Clothingline, Steven Alan, and Rag and Bone are sharing the pop up space. It was a pleasant surprise to see Rag and Bone merchandise way cheaper than their sample sale in January, and actually most items were cheaper than any Rag and Bone sample sale I have attended!

The space is a quarter of the size compared to their sample sales held in the city. Merchandise is less and the sale is for fewer days. The venue is divided into two. Menswear is to the left and women's wear is on the right. Accessories for both genders are behind the coat check. 

Women's sweaters, shirts, shawls, pants and shorts are $85. Dress and skirts are $150. Jackets and blazers are $165. Outerwear is $225. Jean tees are $40. Jean dresses, sweaters, shirts, denim, bottoms and jackets are $85. Jean leather is $225. Men's tees are $40, shirts are $80, pants and shorts are $85, and bomber jackets are $165. 

Footwear is laid out near the fitting room. A lot of styles are from the last sample sale. Flats and sneakers are  $125. Heel and boots are $195.  Among the women's offerings I spotted Kozeen, Konband Monk, Ghitta, Brixton, Coby, Kent, Kenny, Ava, Dylan, Ashford, Newburry, Harrow, Holly, Avery, Inez, Mabel, Ashby, Margot, and Dixon.

Accessories like beanies, fedoras, mittens, scarves, wallets, wristlets, and card holders are $60. Men's canvas backpacks are $75. All leather bags regardless of size are $195. Choices of bags include the Walker Shopper tote, Derby overnight, Pilot satchel, Lenox backpack, Mini flight Camera bag, Walker backpack, Aston cross body, Perforated flight bag, and the Pilot tote. 


Building 2, 274 36th St
Friday, March 24th, 12pm-7pm
Saturday, March 25th,  12pm-7pm
Sunday, March 26th,12pm-7pm

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*She Shops* Reiss Sample Sale

This is Reiss's third sample sale in NYC, but my first. Although prices are on par to their previous sample sales, bargains could be better. I was planning on checking out the sample rack but it was empty. I was told they were still unpacking the samples and it will be out tomorrow morning when the sale opens to the public.  

The venue is divided into two. The left side is where you'll find the menswear and the women's wear is to the right. Both genders have lots of choice across all categories. There is apparel and accessories for all seasons and events. Some favorites include; white summer frocks, velvet blazers, shearling coats, duffel bag, cuff links, bow ties, and oversize sweaters.

Accessories are laid out on tables near the fitting room and register. Jewelry, hats, scarves, handbags, wallets, and clutches are available for women. All handbags are $80. That means that a small cross body, a fringed bucket bag, and clutches are the same price.  Wallets are considered small leather goods and those are $40. Men's accessories include fedoras, tech cases, card holders, wallets, socks ($10), belts ($30), cuff links ($20), ties ($20), pocket squares, and bags ($80). 

Swimwear is in buckets by the stairs. Footwear is all the way in the back of the space. Shoes are $80 and boots are $140. The sale goes through Sunday. You can expect a markdown towards the end of the week.

260 Fifth Avenue
Tuesday, March 21st 9am-8pm
Wednesday, March 22nd 10am-8pm
Thursday, March 23rd, 10am-8pm
Friday, March 24th 10am-8pm
Saturday, March 25th, 10am-7pm
Sunday, March 26th, 10am-5pm

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*She Shops* Diptyque Sample Sale

No, Diptyque has not abandoned its sample sale. The annual opportunity to get sophisticated perfumes, elegant candles, luxury skin care products, and other French home goods for less starts tomorrow and will be on for 3 days. And this year's sale is soo goood!

When you enter a helpful staff member is handing out bags for you to place your desired items, and reminding you that there is a 10 candle limit on standard candles. To the right of the entrance is a table full of valentine special edition items like Rosaviola and Primavera candles, perfumes, and ovals.

As is the norm candles are the draw. Two shelving full of mini and standard candles are available in many scents including Baies, Oranger, Figuier, Gardenia, Aubépine, Chêne, Jasmin, Mimosa, Tubéreuse, Roses, Freesia, Oyedo, Verveine, Thé, Foin Coupé, Pomander, Ambre, Cyprès, Vanille, VerveineCuir, Infini, Oud, Noisetier, Genevrier, Patchouli, Feu De Bois, Feuille de Lavande, Vetyver, Feu de Bois, Vanille, Chevrefeuille, Musc, Violette, Eucalyptus, Fenouil Sauvage,, Mimosa, Figuier, Choisya, Mousses, and Santal. There is also a shelving of large colored candles but those are depleting fast. There are no Indoor/Outdoor candles this year.

There is also 2 separate shelving of Holiday candles consisting of Oliban, Liquidambar,  Sapin, Épices et Délices, Un Encens Étoilé, and Le Roi Sapin. These are also available in coffret with three mini candles.

Candle sets are available in a few different option. There are over 15 different sets to choose from. Sets include candles, some are perfumes while others are a mix of both.

Room sprays, ovals, and diffusers are available in Baies, Roses, Amber, D'oranger, Figuier, and Ginger. Accessories include candle holders, wick trimmers, and snuffers. Body care include rich butter, satin oil,  precious oils, body lotion,  and hand wash.

Perfume comes in all sizes and in roll ons and solids. Scents consist of Eau Rose, Oyedo, Eau Duelle, Eau Mohéli, and Eau de Lavande.  Do Son, Eau Lente,  Volutes, Tam Dao, Florabellio, Ofrésia, Philosykos, Olène, Vetyverio,  L'Autre, L'Eau de Tarocco,  and Geranium Odorata.

An entire shelving is dedicated to 34 collection candles and perfumes. The 34 candles are housed in decorative porcelain jars. The Calendar is also available. It resembles a book, and opens to reveal 25 nooks that holds the Parisian label's most-loved products.

With the expected snow storm and the last minute public notice let's see what the turnout will be tomorrow.


Price List                                                                                                                                                                                           

21 Dey Street
Tuesday, March 14th, 8am-9pm
Wednesday, March 15th, 8am-9pm
Thursday, March 16th, 8am-6pm

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*She Shops* J. Mendel Private Sale

J Mendel has returned this week with another amazing luxury private sale.

The furs are stealing the show at this sale. Among the stars I spotted a navy mink coat for $5,500, a fox fur hooded parka for $3,750, a mounted coat for $8,700, a black mink long vest for $6,000, a mink jacket for $4,950, and an afghan, lamb, and cashmere coat for $8,400.

Gowns and cocktail dresses take up 1/3 of the space. I heard a lot of patrons discussing upcoming events like bar mitzvahs and shows that they need dresses for. Cocktail dresses range from $350-$700.  There are also separates, tops and skirts. There's  lots of gorgeous  and intricate pieces to choose from. 

Manolo Blahnik footwear is available again for $200. Handbags and fur accessories like key chains ($99), belts, and scarves are laid out on tables near the checkout.

Appointments are all booked for tomorrow. Walk ins are welcomed on Thursday and you can expect markdowns then too. 

463 7th ave. 6th Floor

Wednesday, March 8th, 9am-7pm

Thursday, March 9th, 9am-5pm

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*She Shops* BCBG Closing Sale

It's been a hard year for some retail brick and mortar stores. Following the footsteps of Wet Seal, American Apparel, Nasty Gal and now Payless, BCBG has filed bankruptcy. Though this news is saddening, it comes with great discounts. I went to check the closing sale at the Madison ave. location earlier this weekend.

The store has 5 floors. Everything is on sale including the fixtures, furniture, and decor. Current season items are 50% off. Sale items are an additional 30% off. There is a rack of Herve Leger dresses at 50% off on the third floor. Not only is there apparel on offer, but accessories, home goods, handbags, and footwear is available as well. Some bargain  pieces include the Fairfax black satin heels for $34.30; scarves for $21; belts for $14; a blush blazer for $61; and a wine stopper for $10.

I wasn't too impressed with the markdowns on apparel, but most of the footwear is reasonably priced for a closing sale. The fourth floor has tons of shoes and some bold styles you can wear for fashion week!

The store is opened every day from 10-5. They do not have an exact closing date, but I was told they will have the sale until April.

770 Madison Ave 

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*She Shops* Tory Sport Sample Sale

Back in 2015, designer Tory Burch launched her performance active wear line for women. This week Tory Sport hosted their first sample sale.

Opening day pricing did not scream bargain so I decided to wait for markdowns before checking it out. Today, markdowns have arrived for all categories.

Inventory seem to be selling as half the venue was being used and not all styles are available in all sizes.

Apparel is available for all sport enthusiast be it yoga, running, golf or lounging! Clothing is spread out on the floor divided by sizes (xs-xl).

Sports bras and tanks without bras are now $25. Tanks with bras, short sleeve tees, polos, long sleeve tops, and shorts are $35. Sweatshirts, solid leggings, and sweatpants are now $45. Printed leggings and short sleeve sweaters are $55. Dresses and woven shirts are $60. Jackets are $75 and sweaters are $95.

There is a lone table by the back wall with 3 styles of shoes. Pearl slip on sneakers are $75, pearl slides are $75, and mesh ballet flats are $50. I was told that there is no back stock on shoes.

Water Sport items are behind the register probably to prevent try ons. Rash guard and one piece bathing suits are $50 (from $95) and separates are $25 (from $45).

The space was empty when I was there earlier this afternoon. It will probably get crowded once work is over.

261 W. 36 Street

Thursday, March 2nd, 11am-7pm

Friday, March 3rd, 11am-7pm

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*She Shops* Elizabeth and James

 After skipping their fall sample sale, who else was excited to hear about this week's Elizabeth and James sample sale? This sale is hosted by Prive at Chelsea Market. Another difference is that there is no jewelry or sunglasses, but for the first time handbags are on offer! The organizer informed me that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the twin designer, have taken the Elizabeth and James brand in house recently and all merchandise at this sale are from the fall 16, resort, and spring 17 new collection that the girls designed themselves; not through licensed parties!

Handbags are lined up on tables along the left wall and they are under $200! Hobos, Satchels, and backpacks are $179. Cross bodies and small satchels are $129. Small leather goods are $29. Styles available include the Finley courier, Zoe hobo, Cynie shopper, Cynie bucket bag, Zoe carryall, Cynnie sling, James cross body hobo, Scott mini moon, Andie satchel,Trapeze cross body, Zoe saddle bag, Cynnie shoulder bag, Micro cross body, Scott clutch, Scott moon, Daily tote, Pouch, and the zip card case. 

Apparel is on racks in the rest of the space on both levels. Sizing range from 00-12. I counted over 14 racks of dresses ($119)! Gowns are $199. Denim jackets and blazers are $139; Leather jackets are $299;all other outerwear is $249. Tops are $79, vests are $109, sweaters are $99, skirts are $89, shorts are $79. Leather pants are $279; denim pants are $79; all other pants are $89. Fur vests are $319; Fur tops $339 Fur jackets $479.

Gone are the days of sample fur jackets for $100. I did not see any sample furs. The only samples I saw were tops, pants,and dresses. Samples are only available in size 4 and small. They are mixed in with the stock since they are in good condition they are priced as stock. There is back stock on both the apparal and handbags.

75 9th Ave.

Wednesday, March 1st, 10am-7pm

Thursday ,March 2nd, 10am-7pm

Friday, March 3rd, 10am-7pm

Saturday, March 4th, 10am-7pm

Sunday March 5th, 10am-5pm

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*She Shops* The Line

The Line brands itself as a modern approach to retail. They curate fashion, home and beauty products from established and emerging designers. This week they are hosting their first sample sale where you can get your hands on luxury fashion at up to 75% off!

Once you pass the mandatory coat check, a shelving of home goods and accessories are on your right. There were 4 Proenza Schouler handbags (70% off retail) when I walked in, but only one remaining when I left. There are straw baskets, books, random decor items and Regime des Fleurs  Mirror perfume ($48.75) that was made exclusively for The Line . There are 3 buckets on a table near the dressing room. One has underwear from Base Range (13.50 from $45), the other 2 have scarves.

Apparel is 70% off and racks are in the middle of the space. Denim and Jeans are on the side wall. A black Proenza schouler dress is $387 from $1290. A white wool Soyer dress is $222 from $740 and an Atm pleated blue skirt dress is $103.50 from $345. Other dresses I spotted included designers like Calvin Klein, Lowe, Altuzarra, Brandon Maxwell, and T by Alexander Wang.

Among the tops and sweaters Tenfold tanks are $22.50 from $75, a Proenza Schouler off white blouse with necktie is $237 from $790; a Maison Margiela open knit black sweater is $198 from $660; a Jenni Kayne gingham crew is $163.50 from $545; a red Acne Studio sweater is $165 from $550.   

Footwear is in the back and is the draw of this sale. Like the apparel, all shoes are 70% off. Designers include Manolo Blahnik, Newbark, Pierre Hardy, Tabitha Simmons, Proenza Schouler
Altuzarra, Francesco Russo, Alumnae, Repetto, BIrkenstock, and more. 

There is a small selection of jewelry and nail polish near the register. Jewelry consists of pieces from Min Yu Wang and Charlotte Chesnais. There are 4 colors of Jin Soon nail polish and they are $5 (from $18).

Sale goes through Sunday. I would wait for  additional markdowns later this weekend before heading to this sale. 

150 Greene Street
Tuesday, February 14th, 10am-8pm
Wednesday, February 15th, 11am-7pm
Thursday, February 16th, 11am-7pm
Friday, February 17th, 11am-7pm
Saturday, February 18th, 11am-7pm
Sunday, February 19th, 11am-5pm

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*NYFW F/W 2017* Show #2

Designer: Katie Gallagher

Date:Thursday, February 9,2017

Venue: Projective Space

Presentation: 20 runway looks that ended in model presentation

Inspiration: bomber jackets, the designers childhood, and music, art, and life in NYC

Colors: orange and black

Makeup: orange eye shadow, navy finger polish

Shoes: One strap black stiletto slides

Style: lingerie as clothing, silk, tulle, fur

Accessories: polka dot tights, tote bag

I liked the raw space. There were no seats. Attendees stood along the side walls. I adored the subtle details like the polka dot nylons and the navy polish.

*NYFW F/W 2017* Show #1

Designer: Nicholas K

Date:Thursday, February 9,2017

Venue: Skyline Clarkson Square

Presentation: Runway show with live music

Inspiration: The 90's, Hip Hop

Colors: Gold, silver, plaid, rust, red, orange, beige, grey

Shoes: metallic gold, metallic silver, and black thigh high boots and booties.

Accessories: Oversize facial jewelry and earrings, beret, square sunglasses

I liked that this show had live music. DJ Rob Swift and singer Latasha Alcindor brought the house down. So many people were following her with their phones and they weren't paying attention to the models on the runway! I'm also excited to add some burgundy and rust into my f/w wardrobe.