*She Shops* Versace, Ella Moss, Splendid, and Rebecca Taylor

I shopped all 4 brands in one day in less than 4 hours! I did this marathon sample sale shopping on late Monday afternoon.

I stopped first at Versace. Expecting a short wait I was surprised to walk right up to coat check. As I was walking up the stairs to the venue a few shoppers were walking out empty handed. This was not a good sign. There were signs all over saying no photos. I managed to sneak some pictures. Staff here are known to be rude. A woman was checking out the bags and kept coming back to ask for pricing info. The sales woman behind the table was getting annoyed and asked her if she wants to know because of what will sell better on e-bay!

I walked a few blocks to the Ella Moss and Splendid showroom. They were very official with the preview. A woman with a clipboard had a list of names. They had a rope set up for the line the next day. Before I was even able to say my name I was told that tonight is only for VIP. After I assured the woman I was on the list, she checked me off. I did not know what to expect at this sale, and was glad to see tons of merchandise available at real bargain prices. I bought a Splendid top at the Scoop NYC sample sale in April and I thought it was a good deal at 80% off. Lo and behold I found it here for $20. Don't worry I couldn't leave it behind so now I have two of the same shirts!

I didn't want to walk the 15+ blocks to the Rebecca Taylor sample sale. Lyft had a promotion last week for 50% off all rides. after taking pictures at both sales, my phone was dying. I asked the doorman if I could use his charging station. At first he was reluctant and told me he isn't allowed to let the public use it. I didn't want to take advantage of his niceness so I charged it a few percent till it went on so I could order a Lyft. The Rebecca Taylor preview was empty. I went straight to the shoe selection. Last time they had Loeffler Randall shoes. You all know how much I love those! Unfortunately this year there was only one style which I did not like. I went to check out the sample section next. There were lots of damaged and wrinkled items. I got excited to see a rack full of pristine clothing but then realized it was stock items right next to the sample rack. Having no luck finding any samples I checked out the stock options. I spotted tops and dresses I liked but the pricing was a bit too high. I went to go on line to the fitting room and bumped into a fellow blogger. She convinced me that the pricing couldn't be justified! In the end I didn't even try the items on and walked out empty handed. This hasn't happened in awhile!