*She Shops* Rag and Bone Sample Sale

The March Madness Sample Sale began today in Industry City. Clothingline, Steven Alan, and Rag and Bone are sharing the pop up space. It was a pleasant surprise to see Rag and Bone merchandise way cheaper than their sample sale in January, and actually most items were cheaper than any Rag and Bone sample sale I have attended!

The space is a quarter of the size compared to their sample sales held in the city. Merchandise is less and the sale is for fewer days. The venue is divided into two. Menswear is to the left and women's wear is on the right. Accessories for both genders are behind the coat check. 

Women's sweaters, shirts, shawls, pants and shorts are $85. Dress and skirts are $150. Jackets and blazers are $165. Outerwear is $225. Jean tees are $40. Jean dresses, sweaters, shirts, denim, bottoms and jackets are $85. Jean leather is $225. Men's tees are $40, shirts are $80, pants and shorts are $85, and bomber jackets are $165. 

Footwear is laid out near the fitting room. A lot of styles are from the last sample sale. Flats and sneakers are  $125. Heel and boots are $195.  Among the women's offerings I spotted Kozeen, Konband Monk, Ghitta, Brixton, Coby, Kent, Kenny, Ava, Dylan, Ashford, Newburry, Harrow, Holly, Avery, Inez, Mabel, Ashby, Margot, and Dixon.

Accessories like beanies, fedoras, mittens, scarves, wallets, wristlets, and card holders are $60. Men's canvas backpacks are $75. All leather bags regardless of size are $195. Choices of bags include the Walker Shopper tote, Derby overnight, Pilot satchel, Lenox backpack, Mini flight Camera bag, Walker backpack, Aston cross body, Perforated flight bag, and the Pilot tote. 


Building 2, 274 36th St
Friday, March 24th, 12pm-7pm
Saturday, March 25th,  12pm-7pm
Sunday, March 26th,12pm-7pm

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