*She Shops* Furla Sample Sale

The Italian luxury brand Furla started their sample sale today in their showroom. I didn't realize this was such a popular sale. There was a line to get into the elevators which started in the lobby and  extended outside the building. Once you make it up to the 14th floor there is another wait to get inside the sale floor. Checkout is another wait as there are only 2 cashiers. This is not lunch break sale! 

The sale was one big mess. Handbags were suppose to be organized by sizes but were all mixed up. When I was leaving staff were trying  to reorganize the bags by color and size. Pricing is simple. Mini bags are $79. Small bags are $99, Medium bags are $129, and large bags are $149. There are so many styles to choose from and colors for every season.

There was a satisfactory selection of accessories. Belts, key rings, and all jewelry besides necklaces are $10. Necklaces and scarves are $20. Card cases are $29. Cosmetic cases $39. Small and Medium wallets are $49 and large wallets are $69.

The shoe section looked like a war zone. Shoe boxes were thrown on the floor, paper and stuffing strewn about. Shoes are not divided by sizing so that adds to the chaos. All shoes regardless of style are $75. I spotted bejeweled flats, booties, and heels.

I asked staff about restocking and was told everything is out. As I was leaving I saw staff replenishing the handbags so I assume they do have more. You'll probably spend more time waiting than browsing at this sale. But I did overhear one shopper say "They have a better selection this year than last year." 

432 Park Avenue South, 14th Floor
Wednesday, April 26th, 8:30am-7pm
Thursday, April 27th, 8:30am-3pm

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