About Holy In Mundane

Judaism is about fusing the holy with the mundane. You'll be pleasantly surprised how physical things in everyday life can be used for a higher, spiritual purpose. 

For example, indulging in wine can typically lead to frivolity, but when used in conjunction for a commandment like kiddush, at the Pesach Seder or rejoicing with a bride and groom, it is elevated from its mundane use to a holy purpose. 

A seemingly mundane passion of mine is fashion. It is quite clear the industry is not a fitting place for a Chassidic girl. But a closer look beyond the externals can reveal fashion's multifaceted layers. Clothing can be used to look beautiful on Shabbos, Yom Tov, and at religious ceremonies. Even in every day life, it is being elevated from the mundane to G-dliness through dressing modestly. 

Another means to illustrate how the holy can be fused with the mundane is through exercise. Exercising for mental or physical health with the intention of maintaining inner calm or to build strength to serve G-d is actually fulfilling the commandment in the Torah to take care of your body. 

This blog is about a Chabad-Chassidic girl sharing her holy and mundane passions from her hometown of Brooklyn, New York.