*She Shops* Edun Sample Sale

Fashion label Edun was founded in 2005 and its mission is to source and encourage trade in Africa. The brand is known for sleek silhouettes, handmade details, and urban designs. For the past few years, Edun has had bi-annual sample sales, but this was the first one I attended.

There was a line in the lobby before 9. The elevator wouldn't go to the third floor.  Once the clock hit 9, the third floor button was magically working. Upon entering the showroom there is a table of footwear for $75. The table next to it has EDUN print tees for $10 and knits for $30. There are two $5 bins with scarves and miscellaneous items. 

Racks of apparel take up the rest of the space. Pricing is so good and is reminiscent of the Mayiet sample sale. Sample dresses and jumpsuits are $75. Sample tops are $40, sample shorts, skirts, and pants are $50. Sample coats are $90. Bags are $50. Stock with white tags are 90% off retail and stock with black tags are $25! Included in the $25 category are leather jackets that retail for $900 and blazers that retail for $600!

Amongst the racks I spotted black dresses, summer white; knits, pants, rompers, and tops, denim skirts, culottes, and leather pieces. The sale was getting busier and more crowded as the morning went on. I was told all samples are out, but they have back stock on some stock. Shop a true sample sale and do a good deed while you're at it because 20% of all profits will be donated to the St. Anne's Ophanage in Kenya.

What did you come out with at this amazing sample sale?!

107 Grand Street- 3rd Floor
Wednesday, May 17th 9am-7pm
Thursday, May 18th 9am-7pm

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