*She Shops* Ampersand As Aposthrophe Sample Sale

Ampersand as Apostrophe's first ever NYC sample sale started today. The designer, Jessica Park was in the showroom while I was shopping and we had a conversation about the brand.

They recently moved from Seattle to NY. Jessica is an architect turned designer and that translated in her handbags. The bags are all about simplicity that is not. There is no linings, they use leather from the number one tannery in the world, and the structure and stitching of the bags are of the highest caliber.

The sale opened to an eager crowd this morning who lined up hours before the sale opened. Some styles were sold out this morning. Designs from previous seasons are available to purchase. Tall totes are $100 (originally $525). This style imitates the brown paper grocery bag and is reversible! Side way totes are $100 (originally $567). Half way totes are $85 and are Bobbi Brown's favorite. (She asked to have them in every color!) Key fobs are $10 and pouches are $25 or 2 for $45.

The sale ends tomorrow. If you cant make it, don't worry. Jessica assured me they will be having bi-annual sample sales!

209 West 38th Street #503
Wednesday, July 6th, 10am-5:30pm
Thursday, July 7th, 10am-5:30pm

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*She Shops* DL1961 Sample Sale

DL1961 was launched in 2008 to create "the perfect fitting jean". Using revolutionary technology, they create garments to wear and look effortless 24/7.  Today, the second ever DL1961 sample sale started to an eager crowd. The sale is taking place in a small room inside their headquarters.

Folded denim is laid out on tables. Women's sizes available are 25-32, with 26 having the biggest selection. Styles I spotted include Heather, Joy, CDG, Jackie, JFK, Lax, Milan Biker, Amsterdam and short styles Karlie and Mel. There are colored jeans as well; mauve, black, grey, red, and olive green. There are no skirts and the denim jackets were sold out this morning.

For men sizes run from 28-40. Styles include Sullivan, Xtwill, Vince, Dylan, Jimmy, CPH and the Jake shorts. There is a rack of shirts from the Blue Shirt Shop collection.

The more you buy at this sale the more you save. Men’s and woman’s jeans, jackets and shirts are 1 for $50, 2 for $90, 3+ are $40 each. Men’s and Woman’s shorts are 1 for $30, 2 for $50, 3+ $20 each. Kids denim are $15 and kids denim jackets are $30.

There is one fitting room, and I was told there will be no restocking. When I was there a friendly staff member was telling shoppers to write down their requested sold out item and the company would get back to them.

498 7th Ave, Floor 2
Tuesday, June 27th, 10am-6:30pm
Wednesday, June 28th, 10am-6:30pm

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*She Shops* Nest Fragrance and Swell Bottle Sample Sale

The sale was empty earlier this afternoon. I assume the flood like weather had something to do with it. The Nest Fragrance selection has depleted significantly since the first day. Lots of items are sold out. There are no more classic sized candles. Scents available in other size candles include Sicilian Tangerine, Moss and Mint, Grapefruit, Birchwood Pine, Woodland Truffle, and Hearth. 

There are also Art by Nest and Tommy Bahama candles for $5. The  remaining candle sets are the Calvin Klein for $20. Moss and Mint body and soul sprays are $5. The only reed diffusers left are Wasabi Pear and Sahara Spice ($7.50). 

At the body table there are sample sized gift sets ($5,$10, $20) and Passiflora 50 ml perfume ($15). Liquid soap, hand lotion, roller balls, and body creams are all gone.

I was disappointed with the limited selection and asked a staff member about restocking. He told me there would be no restocking at this sale, but next week 260 sample sale is having new and more products from Nest at one of their other venues on Wooster Street, so look out for that email!

Swell bottles are still in abundant in all colors and prints. Lots of fun options for the summer and other dark solid colors for next winter. At $10 a bottle you should get one for every season! 


260 Fifth Avenue
Friday, May 6th,  10am-8pm
Saturday, May 7th, 10am-5pm

Click here to see what other sample sales are happening this week. Follow me on IG  and Twitter for sale updates.