*She Shops* Elizabeth and James

 After skipping their fall sample sale, who else was excited to hear about this week's Elizabeth and James sample sale? This sale is hosted by Prive at Chelsea Market. Another difference is that there is no jewelry or sunglasses, but for the first time handbags are on offer! The organizer informed me that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the twin designer, have taken the Elizabeth and James brand in house recently and all merchandise at this sale are from the fall 16, resort, and spring 17 new collection that the girls designed themselves; not through licensed parties!

Handbags are lined up on tables along the left wall and they are under $200! Hobos, Satchels, and backpacks are $179. Cross bodies and small satchels are $129. Small leather goods are $29. Styles available include the Finley courier, Zoe hobo, Cynie shopper, Cynie bucket bag, Zoe carryall, Cynnie sling, James cross body hobo, Scott mini moon, Andie satchel,Trapeze cross body, Zoe saddle bag, Cynnie shoulder bag, Micro cross body, Scott clutch, Scott moon, Daily tote, Pouch, and the zip card case. 

Apparel is on racks in the rest of the space on both levels. Sizing range from 00-12. I counted over 14 racks of dresses ($119)! Gowns are $199. Denim jackets and blazers are $139; Leather jackets are $299;all other outerwear is $249. Tops are $79, vests are $109, sweaters are $99, skirts are $89, shorts are $79. Leather pants are $279; denim pants are $79; all other pants are $89. Fur vests are $319; Fur tops $339 Fur jackets $479.

Gone are the days of sample fur jackets for $100. I did not see any sample furs. The only samples I saw were tops, pants,and dresses. Samples are only available in size 4 and small. They are mixed in with the stock since they are in good condition they are priced as stock. There is back stock on both the apparal and handbags.

75 9th Ave.

Wednesday, March 1st, 10am-7pm

Thursday ,March 2nd, 10am-7pm

Friday, March 3rd, 10am-7pm

Saturday, March 4th, 10am-7pm

Sunday March 5th, 10am-5pm

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*She Shops* Week of May 15

My haul from the Eddie Borgo sample sale. $2315 worth of jewelry for $110!

Sunday- Woodbury Commons

Woodbury commons is usually a shlep to get to from Brooklyn. It's about 2.5 hours, depending on traffic. When I was in college, I would go with my friends and we had to dedicate an entire day to go. I took a subway to catch a bus full of tourists from the city. 

I haven't been there in over a year. It use to thrill me to go and get bargains there. Once I found out about sample sales, I don't feel a need to go. My friend knows I'm a bargain shopaholic and when she told me she was going and offered a ride, there was no doubt I would join her. I feel like every time I go there is nothing to buy, even though the stores are full with merchandise.

I was surprised to see new construction and more luxury brands that were not there the last time I was there. Is it for the foreign tourist?! They are opening a Maje and Sandro outlet! Clothes and racks are visible through the glass doors. I wanted to check it out but once we got closer we saw the signs saying it was coming soon, opening in a month. 

I always check the Kate Spade outlets. Since they don't have a sample sale, this is where you can get cheapest Kate spade items. They always have promotions. When I went they were having 50% off the entire store. I only look at the clearance section-best bang for your buck! There are two right across from each other at this outlet mall. One is dedicated to handbags and small leather goods. The other one is newer and has small leather goods, accessories, apparel, and footwear. I was surprised to see a line. The woman managing the line told me they were also surprised by the large turnout being that it's a Sunday and not a holiday weekend.


I previewed the Theory sample sale on Tuesday night.  As it is usually the case with Chelsea market, you can see the staff setting up and all the racks and merchandise. People always stand by the glass doors trying to get in. I knocked on the door but there were probably so many people throughout the day trying to get in that my knock was ignored. Lucky for me a fellow blogger, who was previewing the event too, saw me and let me in. 

This was actually my first time I checked out the stand alone Theory sample sale. The other time I was at a Theory sample sale was when it was a blowout 2 day sale with Theory, Helmut Lang and another brand but it was all damages, samples, and irregulars held at clothing line. 

I was impressed that their Theory+ (athletic line) was available. You can read what else I found here

                                            Thursday-Eddie Borgo and 3 brand Beauty

This is one sample sale all my blogger friends are crazy over. The first time I attended this sale was in December and I was really impressed! They had a bin of damages that were only $5/$10! Some damages are easily fixable like the bracelet I got that was missing a side clasp. Some were missing stones so those I stayed away from. 

The sample sale is usually over a weekend; Friday and Saturday. This time the sale was going to be opened for another day, starting Thursday. We were nervous prices might be raised. Lo and behold pricing remained the same, and samples were cheaper at $5! 

I wish I can shop for a living but unfortunately I work and was unable to be there for the opening hour. My friends were there the first hour. They told me more people turned out this year, and the crowd was very aggressive at the sample bins. There would probably be nothing good left later in the afternoon.

I was nervous and came praying that there would still be something for me. When I entered their studio, I expected a bigger crowd. I headed straight to the bins near the register but unfortunately there were no damaged Eddie Borgo. 

Staff were extremely cheerful and genuinely helpful. I got mixed messages from them. One told me there would be no restocking and the opening crowd went crazy depleting the bin. Another one told me they have a huge closet in the back that they have to go through and sort out the damages from the private label jewelry. She told me if she sees any damages she'd bring it out to me. I waited around and stalked her every time she came out from the back and she told me it would probably come out the next day. 

At the end I actually found 4 samples bracelets! Three of them were on the trays with the stock options and when I looked closer I saw the links were detached. I told the guy ringing up my purchase I would just take a pliers and close it and he told me not to, I should take it to a jeweler to solder it. Lucky for me I have a friend who is a jeweler! 


After my Eddie Borgo high I went to check out the Stila/Tocca/GHD sample sale. Last time they had the sale I went the last day and they did not do markdowns. I figured I would go midweek when there still was a decent selection left. Later that night I got an email that additional markdowns were in effect the next day oh, well!

Tocca products were laid out on tables along the left wall. Big colored candles, small candle sets, perfume gift sets, sample bar soaps, and laundry wash for delicates.

Stila cosmetic products are in the middle of the room and the majority of shoppers were crowded around here. On offer are eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipgloss, primers, mascaras, brow gels, foundations, and 3 different types of gift Baublebar/Stila gift sets.. 

A table near the register has all the GHD products. Only straighteners in 6 colors are available.